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Blessings are exhausting

There’s a lot of  happy changes going on in our world right now. Jon and I couldn’t be more proud of our children.

Ashlee and Camden’s move into their new apartment and  her graduation.

Tim and Nicole’s new home (even if the excitement is wearing them down a bit).

Getting ready for our 2nd Annual Girls Weekend (and the pre-weekend party). I can’t think of anything I like more than time with my family.

Spring has finally arrived and we’re about 2 months behind on yard work. What’s happy about that? I say “we” but Jon’s been doing all the work lately – he filled all 7 planters for me Monday night and mowed last night. My hero.

As always, the minimum amount of real life (laundry, cleaning, cooking) I can get by with and the maximum amount of stitching and blogging I can squeeze in. Which is pretty much the perfect balance, I must say. The binding is done on Mom’s quilt, and Moulin Rouge is hanging finally:

Even with everything going on the next few days, I’m determined to keep up with my Post A Day commitment. Just be warned you’re likely to see a couple “snapped-with-the-phone-and-dumped-on-the-blog” posts coming up this weekend.  It won’t mean I’m not stitching (there’s still 3 quilts in the binding stack), it just means I’m having a life.  Or better said, enjoying the life I’ve been blessed with.

It also means I’ll be laptop-free this weekend at the ocean. It’s probably for the best.

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  1. What a cheerful and cheering post. I love it when life is going well for people.

    May 12, 2011

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