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A little fun with Fairgrounds ~

I’m starting to feel like “quilting” is a euphemism for “buying so much fabric I’ve run out of places to put it”.  There’s only a couple ways to fix that, and since destashing isn’t likely it was time to get out the rotary cutter and get to work.

Tuesday evening I drafted out a quilt (EQ7 to the rescue!) and last night I cut it out and had it about 70% pieced before I went to bed. Tonight I finished piecing rows, trimmed and pressed it before we raced outside to get some photos.

All the prints are DS (Denyse Schmidt) Collection. The navy gingham is from the Picnic colorway, all the rest are Fairgrounds,  plus Kona Snow and Pear for the sashing and cornerstones.

I kept it very simple – 8″ blocks and 2″ sashing (finished), with the prints lined up in columns. I love on-point settings, and since several of these fabrics are printed a bit off-grain, it was a good choice. I’m still deciding on the quilting, although a ribbon meander is the top contender. Sweet and easy – perfect for a summer quilt!

And while I have no intention of EVER participating in “stash reports”, I am please to say I made a significant dent (almost 8 yards)  in my extravagant DS purchase. About 5 more quilts and my stash might be under control again. I hope.

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  1. I haven’t stashed any DS fabric yet, even though it is lovely. It’s becoming harder to resist, what with it showing up everywhere a girl looks and all. 😉 I keep reminding myself that I’m still trying to snap up Meadowsweet prints that haven’t made it to my closet yet. Fortunately for me, most places are showing off Picnic, but you’ve got my favorite, the Fairgrounds, over hear. Not only is the fabric so sweet, but I just love the name 🙂 (I’m obsessed with my local fair. Completely.) Your quilt is beautiful, by the way 🙂 I decided to list 5 reasons why I can’t blatently copy your very lovely quilt for myself, you know, to help resist the temptation when I have to go to Joann’s later. I’m stuck on number one…

    May 6, 2011
  2. Well, that is a lovely quilt. On-point is one of my favorites, too. And, your stash isn’t all that bad. I consider it emergency storage.

    May 6, 2011
  3. VickiT #

    Great job on that quilt. Very pretty and I’m another that likes on point quilts.

    May 8, 2011

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