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The road to normal (okay, normal for us) ~

Rambling post alert:  This is what happens when I miss a couple days. You’ve been warned.

What a team.  A broken-down, beat-up team, for sure. But the move is done, our girl is home (and happily buried in boxes with her guy!) and except for some furniture to store for a few weeks we’re all finished.

I ran over after work today to check on their progress. It just keeps getting better.

And how did the weekend stitching go?

After all the plotting and planning, the roads were so bumpy I couldn’t stitch binding the first 100 miles. And by the time I could, Tim had me hooked playing Wordsmith on our Droids and the time (and another 200 miles) just flew by.  I did work on binding for a bit Sunday morning, sitting in the cafe waiting for Ashlee and the boys, but that was it. I’ll have plenty of handwork to keep me occupied the next couple weeks. Five quilts worth. Yikes!

Monday morning we were on hold (waiting for the afternoon when we had an elevator reserved to move into the apartment) so I sat in my sewing room and sort of stared at the wall for awhile. I needed something really simple to work on.  I reached into my bag of zippers, pulled out a random color and then grabbed a couple fabrics.  A bit of stitching later, I had this very simple zippered pouch. It’s already holding all the little stuff that kept gathering in the bottom of my tote.

With all those 8″ zippers to use, I also thought I’d try a mini-box bag (why is small so cute?) as a pouch for my camera. This first one isn’t perfect, but it’s working and it took all of about 20 minutes.  Plus now I can quit worrying about the screen on my camera getting scuffed.

What’s up for this week (besides binding)?

I have a couple April bee blocks to put together, and I need to finalize the design for my 3×6 bee blocks. This quarter will be especially fun as three hive members have chosen Christmas themes for their blocks.

Friday night is a guild sew-in. I’m working on a series of posts on what to pack when sewing-on-the-go, so this will be my first test before I share the posts (probably next week).

One last thing:  my April Bee there or bee square blocks are starting to arrive. They’re really cute ~ I think this quilt will be adorable!

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  1. I’ll be looking for those sewing-on-the-go posts, I’m going on a quilt retreat mid May and would love advice 🙂 Great looking pouches

    April 26, 2011
    • They’re almost finished – I’ll have them out starting Monday. I’m still finishing checklist that can be downloaded.

      Then I’ll have NO excuse for forgetting stuff!

      April 28, 2011

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