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One day closer

To having our girl back home. As I write this post, Tim’s taking a quiz online for one of his classes, Jon and Ashlee are down in the spa working out some tired muscles, and I’m sitting in bed nursing the remains of a nasty migrane. This after a fairly long and very productive day.

Just a bit more packing to do, and a few big things to move and we’ll have it done. There’s not much cleaning to do, either ~ she took good care of her little apartment.

I only took one photo today, but I took it to share. Ashlee was getting ready to pack her books:

Her color-sorted books. It’s SO Ashlee (although she said separating her Harry Potter books was a little tough), and absolutely graphic and beautiful. My books are sorted by type, and then size. We’re so much alike, this child and I, and yet so different. I love that.

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  1. Melinda #

    Me too!

    April 23, 2011
  2. what a great way to sort books! Unfortunately, our homeschool books need to stay subject-sorted, but I think the kids’ reading shelves could benifit from some color sorting…

    April 24, 2011
    • When I got to her new apartment last night, they were all in place (with her guy’s books worked in). They look great.

      And what a terrific project for your kids!

      April 28, 2011

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