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Moulin Rouge madness ~

Just taking a quick break from quilting to share my progress. That picture above? A big, blank space waiting the last 6 weeks to be filled. Moulin Rouge went on the frame this morning, and while it was slow going at first, I’m making good progress now. It won’t be a blank space much longer.

A couple challenges for me ~ I’m doing straight lines. With a ruler. It’s scary – curves are much easier on a longarm – but I’m happy so far.

The other challenge is that I can’t actually SEE what I’m stitching on the paisley, so my background fill is kinda weird in places. Luckily, you have to look at the back to know. So be warned if you decide to peek at the back!

I stopped on the way home last night at the (dreaded) Joann’s. I went for perle cotton, but I also wanted to check and see if they had the new DS Quilts line from Denyse Schmidt. They had the entire line. It’s lovely, and if I wasn’t still recovering from last weekend’s fabric binge I might have bought some. But I walked away ~ it’ll wait!

I did pick up 6 skeins of tonal variegated perle cotton. I want to do some hand stitching on Moulin Rouge when the quilting is done. I’m playing with a couple ideas, but right now a couple rows of echo quilting around the edge of the fans is most likely. The colors are really cool, and they look great on the black and white print.

Back to work – I’m determined to have it ready for binding by the time we leave for Spokane. Enjoy your evening!

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  1. Sandi that’s a georgous one. You are amazing. And I’m totally impressed that you left J’s with only what you went in for. You’re a better gal than I am. Hurry back to plurk, I miss you.

    April 16, 2011

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