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Plotting and planning ~

Transition days.  Days where I take a (brief) breath before I dive headlong into another project.  Days where a little plotting and planning is in order.  What can I finish, what should I make progress on, and what will kill me if I don’t start it now?

Note: Excuse the drama – I do know waiting until a better time to start another project is seldom fatal.

Finishes:  I have 3 quilts with binding attached but not finished, and as often as I say the hand sewing is my favorite part, they’ll wait a bit longer.  Why?

Next weekend we head to Spokane to pack and move Ashlee home to Seattle.

Over on Friday, back on Sunday.  About 10 hours of road time total, and 10 hours equals a lot of binding. I’ve tried knitting, embroidery, hexagons, cathedral windows….you get the idea.  I know how lucky I am that I can do any of those – yes, I can even read – and not get urpy. But sewing binding is the easiest,  so the stack will wait until next week.

Progress: The empty wall above my HandiQuilter is getting more dreary by the minute, so Moulin Rouge is next up on the quilting frame. I don’t have a firm plan on how I want to quilt it, although I’m considering playing with my curved rulers (finally). It’s time to quilter-up and try something new.

No matter what I choose to do, that wall won’t be bare much longer.

Starts:  Absolutely not!


Okay, maybe a zipper pouch, a flannel baby blanket, placemats, a bee block or two……just not tonight, okay?

PS: My swap project? All packed up and in the mail with an entire day left to go.

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  1. I understand those transition days, and usually do a few little projects before I dive into another big one. Makes sense to me. Sort of priming the pump.

    April 14, 2011

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