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20-11 HM ~ Inspiration & Motiviation

For the last couple months, the 20-Eleven Handmade Months project has stalled. Not from lack of interest, just out-prioritized by other deadlines. So here I am, more than a week into April, and other than the January gifts (which I sent off when they were finished) my gift box remains empty. Exactly what I was trying to avoid.

But I’m not giving up. If you visit the page, you’ll see I’ve added lots of new projects and links. It doesn’t put anything in my gift box, but it gets the ideas going again (not that a lack of ideas was the problem.)

I also did a little inspiration-gathering on Flickr. Just a couple quick searches for placemats, potholders, aprons, tote bags….it doesn’t take long to build all the motivation necessary!

1. 10 new fabric baskets, 2. Set of 3 Fabric Baskets, 3. Fabric Basket, 4. fabric baskets, 5. a plethora of potholders!, 6. quilted potholder (kitchen art), 7. potholder, 8. no emotional patina, yet, 9. Close up of quilting, 10. gatheredclutchtutorial, 11. PQS3- Received , 12. 8 Summer Placemats, 13. PQS3: Kaffe Fasset Triangular Log Cabins, 14. love garden or craft apron, 15. Jane Market Bag, 16. boxed bag, 17. large curvy clutch in Peacock, 18. Grocery Bag, 19. uhg 3, 20. Craft or Garden Apron finished

Hey, Family ~ See anything you like??

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