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Outgoing mail ~

Thirteen envelopes and one package: the final count of what went to the post office yesterday (thanks, Babe!) It’s really surprising how long it can take ~ addressing envelopes, folding and securely bagging quilt blocks or block kits (with instructions), sealing and taping everything closed.  But it feels great to sweep a whole stack of work out the door and start fresh with the next project.

Bees and swaps will be much quieter this month (WHEW!), and really through the end of the year. I think (hope, pray, beg) I have a better sense of how much time and energy I can spend on them. Two bees will wrap up in June/July and I’ll be ready to move on to other quilty activities. Don’t get me wrong ~ I’ll still be participating ~ I just won’t be in five bees and two swaps all at the same time!

So now what? I have a special project I’m working on this week. I’ve know WHAT I wanted to do for some time ~ a wall caddy for a sewing room ~ and I found a design I liked a couple weeks ago, so last night I cut out all the print pieces. Tonight it’s lining, backing and batting. Other than the Eye Drops in Dusk, this is the first I’ve cut into my Tula Pink Parisville. Its so pretty!

I’d love to have this package in the mail by Friday.  Wish me luck!

PS: I might have started playing with another project last night, so put on your creative thinking caps because I’ll be looking for input in the next few days!

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