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Cocktails & Quilts

Have you seen this book?

I really liked some of the patterns, but since I’m seriously limiting my book purchases it didn’t make the cut.  Which is rather amazing if you know me at all because, at the risk of sounding like a total lush, I do think there’s an adult beverage for every quilt.

I did a little more digging and found this project on the Quilter’s Home magazine site.

So cute! About the time I’d convinced myself that as much as I loved the idea of a cocktail-themed quilt but coudn’t come up with a place to hang it, I found these:

So I gave up and bought them. I’m contemplating embroidering bar towels, but if you have another idea please let me know when you see me ~ I’m the one in the produce department with a basket full of limes.

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  1. VickiT #

    Cute wall hanging but like you I have nowhere to hang something like that. I do have friends however who would love something like that. Sadly, none of the downloads on that site are working. 😦 I added a comment but normally comments on places like that aren’t answered or seen from past experience. But, I do have similar designs in my machine embroidery files that I can use anyway. I have some that are just the drinks, some that are applique designs to make designs similar to those into coasters. I even have one that is a luggage tag and possibly a few other projects too.

    Bar towels are a great idea as are coasters. You could also create something like a wine glass tag to hang from someone’s glass to make it easy to see which glass is theirs. Of course you’d have to shrink them down quite a bit. Know anyone going on vacation? How about a nice shopping tote with those drinks on it? That would be super cute. Decorate a beach towel to give with the tote too. Did any of those ideas help?
    Thanks for showing us. Hopefully someone will see the comments and fix those downloads.

    April 4, 2011

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