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Moulin Rouge ~ in progress

I don’t name many of my quilts, but this one has had a name almost from the beginning. Remember these?

They’re getting closer to becoming “Moulin Rouge”. 

Saturday I finished stitching the fans to the backgrounds, made short black bias strips to edge the centers, and then applied them to the blocks. Trimmed, and ready for sashing and cornerstones.

I’ve had 2nd thoughts about the background fabric several times. I had originally intended to order Paris City Map but couldn’t find anyplace with enough for what I needed. I really love paisley, so I when I found it I took a big leap. Behind some of the fans, it’s perfect. Behind others? Not so much. But I’m hoping when I add the black sashing, and lay all the blocks out, I’ll be satisfied.

And the name? It started when I saw the map fabric, but now I don’t see fans. I see can-can dancers.

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  1. Loved it! ♥

    March 27, 2011
  2. Barb Colvin #

    Wow! Sandie 😀 You are so daring. I would never have considered using that paisley for a background (probably would have used a solid or a mottle), but it looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing Moulin Rouge in all its splendor.

    March 27, 2011

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