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Saturday from quilt retreat

I was set up and sewing by about 3pm yesterday, and except for one little hiccup (okay, 2 little hiccups) it was a very productive evening.

Determined to be extra-organized about packing projects, I pulled out the leftover fabric from my hexie quilt project box and left it at home. Except that it wasn’t ALL leftover fabric. I actually needed some of it to fill in some diamond spaces down the sides of the quilt. Oops. We’re planning a trip to the fabric store later today, so it might be completely finished this weekend, but for now all rows are together and it’s checked off the list.

I finished a bee block for Jeni (plus another for me ~ more on that later), and a block for Ara Jane’s baby quilt. I even got the binding on Amber’s baby quilt. There was a bit of cursing on my part (and rejoicing on the part of my dear friends) when I realized I was sewing the binding on inside-out. It turns out I’m not perfect. Shocking, I know.

The binding is on Yellow Brick Road now, too. So here I am Saturday with a list that looks like this already:

This does not bode well for having self-control on our trip to the fabric store.

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