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Sleep deprived, but productive

Insomnia is… Maybe not fun, exactly, but occasionally it has it’s benefits.

This would be the result of an “up-in-the-middle-of-the-night, dark-side-of-internet-shopping” binge.  I’m not making excuses, really, because most of this went in and out of my shopping cart on a couple previous occasions. It’s just that in the dark of THAT particular night, common sense lost. I now have the full line of Amy Butler Soul Blossom (which is SO much cooler than the photos show). From Hawthorne Threads. Love me or hate me – it doesn’t change a thing!

Last night when it happened, I went quietly into my sewing room. I try to avoid the computer and tv, and either read or do a little project planning (especially since it’s sometimes the projects that keep me awake). Last night, I pulled out the siggy quilt and got to work with the seam ripper.

I had most of the top pieced last Fall when I decided I really wasn’t happy with the layout. So I set it aside figuring I’d make nice with my seam ripper a bit at a time. Didn’t happen.  For months the silly thing has been languishing in one of the project boxes in the cube (high-rent territory) under my sewing table. I wanted a really mind-numbing project at 1am this morning, and this was perfect. Except.

About 12 inches up the first seam (with about 450 inches to go), I decided I didn’t dislike it THAT much.  So instead of unsewing, I put the rest of it together. Ninety minutes later I had a completed quilt top, turned off the lights and went back to bed. Happily.

I’m thrilled I’ve emptied 2 project boxes in the past week. The downside is that now I’m running on about 2 solid hours of sleep and I’m not good for much of anything. Except a nap. And a blog post, of course!

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  1. Me #

    Sweet dreams my dearest………

    March 24, 2011
  2. Sometimes that happens to me, too. I think it is the results of many years of being a student and a mother…but I was this way as a child, too. Anyway, I would call it good, productive time. So, it is OK to take a nap because you are trading 3 in the afternoon for 3 in the morning.

    March 24, 2011
  3. Mary Lou Finch #

    Advil PM!!! No more awake for 2 hours in the night. I’ll have some with me this weekend!

    March 24, 2011

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