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Sunday Stitches

Grumbling a bit about losing an hour today, but the laundry got done, dinner was delicious, I made great progress on bee blocks and started the quilting on Yellow Brick Road:

I’m using my Orange Peel pattern boards. This is the first time I’ve tried them, and they might end up being my new favorite. The stitch density is higher (more lines, closer together), so they’ll take a bit longer to stitch, but the texture is worth it.

I’m also working on bee blocks. I complicated things a bit for myself when I wrote down the due date for this bee. For some reason I had it down as March 31st, and so they were still in the queue. The end of last week I realized it was actually the 15th. Ack! But I found a great paper-pieced pattern, Morning Stars, on Quilter’s Cache. I printed onto foundation paper, and then cut out all the papers so I was ready to go this morning. I like how they’re coming out, although I’m finding the challenge of working in the colors requested just a little more than I expected. I seem to be sort on blue, red and purple prints that work well for piecing (right now my debit card is starting to sweat a little).

My sewing room gets completely trashed when I work on bee blocks. Completely. So I may have to take a quick break after work tomorrow and clean it up. The one room I never mind cleaning ~ wonder why that is?

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  1. What beautiful blocks! I love the colors!

    March 13, 2011
  2. I love the orange peel board!

    …and the auction was a huge success.

    March 13, 2011
    • I’m so glad ~ you did a great job! Your son’s quilt is next??

      March 14, 2011

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