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Call it spring cleaning ~

Tonight I reached WAY back in the closet and pulled out the assembled sections of Ashlee’s Yellow Brick Road quilt.

It was suppose to be a queen quilt for her bedroom, and we picked out fabric for months before I put it together. 10 years ago. It was so big, I couldn’t quilt it in one piece on my original Handiquilter frame, so I pieced it in quarters. Half the quilting was done when I stopped. It’s been too long to even remember why. 

One quarter ended up a baby quilt, and another a blankie for Pearl.  And tonight, after a fair bit of unsewing and re-assembly, she’s ready for quilting.

And WHY did I pull out this project? This morning I made a list. From memory. I got to 15, and it could go a little higher (my memory isn’t what it once was). 

Fifteen? That would be the number of quilts I have started. That’s not the quilts I’m planning, or even the quilts I already have fabric for. And even worse? It really is just quilts. Not knitting or embroidery or crafty stuff. A sense of humor is a lovely thing.

Since I’m really working on “balance”,  I have calmly ordered the list (rather than turning this into the usual push-everything-off-to-the-side-in-panic reaction), and I’ll see how much progress I can reasonably make in March. Five for sure, but seven isn’t out of the question given how far along the ones at the top of the list are.  Luckily March is a long month.

So tonight I get to put this one on the frame and get it finished. Hey Ashlee ~ any suggestions on the quilting??

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  1. lol – I made alist of my UFO’s so I could get organized and finish them, and I came up with 15. One of them is a queen sized Yellow Brick Road top waiting for me to get the resolve to quilt it on my home machine. I used fruit and veggie prints for my YBR 🙂 I’ve given myself through the end of the year to finish the list. Good luck with yours.

    March 2, 2011
    • We all have our limits – but you and I must have the same limit! I’m hoping if I can make a significant dent in the pile now, I can lower it to something like 5 quilts at one time. Which is still ridiculous when I think about it. Crazy!

      March 2, 2011
  2. Ashlee #

    My only suggestion would be something you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had a chance to yet. 😀 Maybe one of your newer pantographs? Does that help?

    March 2, 2011
    • It does, actually. I have a couple I want to try. Thanks, Birdy!

      March 2, 2011
  3. I could always send a little “witch: over to give you a hand. If you have warm weather she’ll be there as soon as she can gas up her broom.
    I’m working on making my own to do list, but it will have every project broken into bite size pieces so that I can feel/see success.
    Good luck with your projects.

    March 3, 2011
    • Sorry, it’s nothing but cold and wet here. Plus the gas prices are ridiculous!

      If I was smart, I’d break mine up, too. But I’m not.

      March 3, 2011

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