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I’ve been thinking about balance a great deal lately (usually when I’m driving and should be paying attention to the road)  when I realized that all the trips, falls, sprains, scrapes and strains this year have something in common. I’ve been distracted. Off-balance. Not paying attention and in a hurry to get “it” (insert any mundane chore of your chosing) done and get back to what I want to be doing. Now that may seem a little obvious, but it took more than one incident to wake me up….probably because I wasn’t paying attention. See? I’m catching on!

I actually believe in being present in the moment. I believe that a life well-lived is a thoughtful, balanced, engaged life. So all this pop-psych insight will get me precisely nowhere if I don’t act on it.

Do I like laundry and cleaning? Not especially, but I love my home. And I’m doing it anyway, so I might as well focus on it. Do I enjoy meal planning, shopping and cooking?  Not anymore, but it doesn’t make my life better to avoid it, and we’ll be eating something either way.

Do I like exercise?

Can I get a “HELL NO!”?

Still,  I do like coming home from a walk, and I absolutely love the pure joy of the furry girls when they see a leash. Oh, and the jackets ~ I really like their jackets!

Do I want to put down my rotary cutter and rulers, my needle and thread and fabric? Even for a day? Not bloody likely, but I’m not sure I’m a better quilter/knitter/whatever-I-am when I create a pile large enough to hide behind. Or maybe that’s the laundry I need to finish…..

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  1. Living in the momeny makes every moment (even the dusting, laundry, dishes type moments) somehow more precious. Good luck in your quest.

    February 25, 2011

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