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Recovered from retreat ~

I forgot how much fun these were to stitch!

And taking a hard look at the ridiculous number of projects I have in progress right now. It’s fair to say my creativity was driving the truck that ran over my rationality….and then backed up and did it again.

Last week in one of the Flickr groups a quilter posed a question about “players”. As in, “Do you work on one quilt at a time, or are you a ‘player’?” I’m still laughing.  I was afraid that referring to myself as a ‘quilt slut’ was likely to offend someone. I thought about ‘seamstress’, which has a very specific meaning if you’re familiar with the early history of Seattle, but it would take explaining. Fiber whore seemed a little harsh, even to me.  I settled on ‘promiscuous’.

See? I do finish things occasionally!

The truth of the matter is that there’s a continuous battle raging between my creative and logical selves.  I’m addicted to making lists, but distracted by the need to design the perfect cover for my notebook.  A sunny day makes me yearn for a new totebag, but the chill makes me want to knit another pair of socks. I’m so organized I never go anywhere without handwork – because time is precious and I can’t be waiting without something productive to do – and yet I seem to think there are far more than 24 hours in the day and usually plan accordingly. I multi-task incessantly, and chafe at the time it takes to get everything done.

My first attempt at a boil perm

I’ve considered pulling out all my projects and taking inventory, but the risk is high you’ll next see me jumping (pushed?) from a cliff.  And really, as long as I’m keeping the commitments that I’ve made to others (bee blocks, swaps, guild projects, etc.), it’s not about how many projects I might have.

It is about the energy it takes to manage them all, and whether that energy could be better spent in other ways.  I think I might owe it to myself to find out ~ or is that another project?

I might be beyond help.

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