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It was one of those days ~

You know the kind: nothing bad, just one of those “don’t-they-notice-I’d-rather-be-sewing (quilting, knitting, playing with dolls, etc.)?” days.   To be fair, I’m always a little antsy the week before a quilt retreat. Plotting, planning, shopping and packing.

As far as project planning goes, I’m determined to load up on smaller projects this weekend (and burn down the list). Bee blocks, the rest of the fans, the small string quilt I started last summer as part of the Modern 12 Bee.  Binding on a table runner, and maybe a few outfits for Fiona and Chloe.

Speaking of bee blocks, yesterday was a terrific mail day.  I got more beauties to add to my orange, grey & white quilt. And I couldn’t put them away without laying out the whole stack and taking a picture.

Since it’s a going to be a throw for the chair in my sewing room (I wonder where I’m going move the other 2?), I think once the last couple blocks arrive I’ll be ready to put it together. I’ve been really patient. Until tonight when I laid them all out.

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  1. All so different, and yet they work together so well. I especially like the zig-zag of triangles on the dark grey background. Very nice colors. Hope you enjoy your retreat 🙂

    February 16, 2011

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