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The Day After…..

….Superbowl should be a Sunday, not a Monday. Pearl agrees.

And me? Power-shopping for fabric. Hawthorne Threads. Pearl and I are going to bed.

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  1. Libby #

    I recently discovered your blog. I love that your little dog’s name is ‘Pearl’. That was my grandmother’s name. She’s looks like a very sweet little girl!

    February 8, 2011
    • Libby,
      Welcome! You’ll see lots of Pearl here ~ she’s very photogenic, poses when she’s awake, and is usually snuggled up on a lap or close by (or nagging to be). Her name fits her perfectly. She’s a little lady – very dignified and loving, but full of spunk if you cross her. We rescued her last Spring, and can only guess at her age – probably around 10 as she does have cataracts. She was neglected, sick and horribly underweight due to dental problems and a severe uterine infection. We have a wonderful vet, and 3 days later she underwent surgery to remove 5 teeth and be spayed. Now she’s healthy, safe and very content. I named her Pearl, and she is that and more.

      You’ll see Zelda (our Silky Terrier) occasionally, too, but she hates the sound of the camera so I have to catch her sleeping or she looks a bit frantic. She’s a goofball.

      February 8, 2011

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