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20-11HM – Full-caffeine February

For February, 20-Eleven Handmade Month is all about the Coffee (or Tea) Addict.  Here’s some of the fabric and fiber I’ll be playing with this month:

Ashlee’s french press needs a cozy, Jon wants a mug rug, everybody needs hemp washcloths that don’t show coffee stains, and who can resist a cute cup sleeve? I’m looking forward to adding a bit of embroidery, some knitting, and a LOT of coffee and tea drinking for inspiration.

Check out a few ideas posted on Flickr:

1.   Flour, Coffee, Tea  2.  Linen & Red French Press Cozy 3.  new Seahorse coffee sleeve 4. <  craft apron in action 5.  Nesting Baskets 6.   Tea Cozy – front (2010 UFO #3)

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  1. Mary Lou Finch #

    I did my coffee project last October, but I am working a tea one, with that fabric I bought a few months ago, got put away for Christmas.

    February 2, 2011
    • And you did a beautiful job on it, too! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next ~

      February 2, 2011

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