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20-11HM January Wrap-Up

It only took a bit of browsing to find all kinds of inspiration for baby, new mom and gran projects. More projects, in fact, than I could finish in January, but I’m sure I’ll get to try out a few more this year. You’ll find links to all 20-11HM posts and projects on the 20-Eleven Handmade Months page, just in case you get the happy news that you’re going to be an auntie, a gran, or even a mom, and you need a few quick ideas.

I thought my last project for this month would be Elizabeth Hartman’s Stack and Nest Quilted Blocks (adorable!), but I wanted one more chance to use the Castle Peeps fabric. Since most of the prints are directional, and I couldn’t decide if  “stack” or “nest” was the right orientation, I kept it simple and made the “Sushi Roll Changing Pad” from Violet of Violet Craft.

Oh, and another bib. They really are addicting!

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  1. Dang! I need a reason to make bibs. Ok, someone I know, have a baby already. Really very cute!

    January 31, 2011
    • I’ve got them down to under 10 minutes each – I’ll be stashing a few in the linen closet just in case!

      February 1, 2011

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