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Friday Favorites 1-14-11

Most of my favorites come directly from my Flickr contacts. If you’re not familiar with Flickr, contacts are people you select who’s photos then show up in a “Contacts” feed on your Flickr homepage. When a contact posts photos to Flickr, up to 5 of those photos show appear in this feed. It’s a great way to keep see what other people are up to.

From there it’s only a click or two to see more of a contacts’ photos, or see what they favorite, or who else they have as contacts… get the idea. One great big beautiful, creative, amazing time suck. It’s potato chips for the soul.

This week, as I’ve been wandering through these photos, I noticed a difference. Whether it’s the end of holiday sewing and finishing up projects, the result of resolutions, or just the freshness of the new year, it’s like the creativity just moved up another level. It’s so inspiring and energizing to see the talent just keep growing. No wonder I love quilting (and Flickr!)

This week you get 12 photos to enjoy, instead of 9. And believe me, choosing 12 wasn’t any easier! And yes, I know a mitten snuck in there but it’s so lovely I couldn’t leave it out.

1.  January 11 Block a Day 2.  Soul Blossoms Quilt Top 3.  paper doll mitten 4.  Colors Quartered 5.  circles 6.  January 9, Block a Day 7.  01-06-11 8.  01-11-11 9.  Land of the Checkered Flowers 10.  My lovely PTS4 from Heather 11.  spiro quilt – finished!!! 12.  CrabbyPillow

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  1. Loads of creative goodness in this.

    January 14, 2011
  2. Allison #

    I love that crabby pillow! When I see such wonderful, fresh inspiration it is sooooooooo hard not to add to my ‘To-Do’ list 🙂

    January 15, 2011
    • I love it, too. I’m a Cancer, so crabs always make me happy.

      January 15, 2011

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