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W(H)IP Wednesday – Week 1

Zelda obviously loves quilts, but the process bores her.

Today is the first W(H)IP Wednesday of 2011, so Monday I pulled out 4 different wip projects, trying to decide which one was up next.  In the end I put them all back because Bailey’s quilt is ready for the frame, stitching, and binding and what could be more fun? And since I’m still getting the hang of daily blog posts, kicking off another quarter of the [3×6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee, the Quilting Divas Bee and the Make Mine Modern Swap, that’s probably enough.

Next weekend (Jan 14th) is quilt retreat. The fabric arrived yesterday for both Jeremy & Ben’s quilts. Ashlee gave it her approval (good thing, too, since she helped me pick colors!) So if I do find myself with a little extra time between today and next Wednesday, I’ll start planning and cutting in preparation for the stitching marathon.  Or I might just carry the fabric around with me. It’s beautiful.

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  1. Melinda Howard #

    I’m so impressed with how well you know my kids (Carolyn & Devin, daughter & son-in-law respectively). They will love, love, love this for their daughter Bailey!!!<3<3<3
    Thank you so much! I can't wait to see it in person!

    January 5, 2011
    • I’m so glad. I hope to have it finished and in the mail by Monday. Just think of it as a great-auntie hug for that beautiful baby ~

      January 5, 2011

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