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The best gift

Yesterday was very quiet. We did a lot of dishes (understatement), and began the sorting, boxing and bagging of all the party supplies.  Most of the day was spent in our recliners, with one or both of the furry girls snoring in our laps. I did start the cowl from the yarn & pattern Ashlee gave me. I’m probably 1/3 of the way done, and hoping to have it finished by midweek just in case the cold weather really does show up.

Today things are moving back into place – wine and martini glasses, stacks of plates, booze (depleted), folding table and chairs, platters, roaster, coffee pot. Each to it’s own place, or at least grouped for the trip to the shed. Digging out my studio from wrapping paper and the detris of a home turned upside down. It’s actually nice to be up and moving around a bit more, yesterday there was much groaning, limping and sore muscles but today is better.

And through it all, I keep running through Christmas Day in my mind, and in my heart. I don’t have the words, really, to describe how special the day was. It felt as if I was holding a string of pearls in my hands, slipping from one to the next, each identical to the last but perfectly unique. Precious moments in time. Laughter and tears and uncountable hugs.  Mostly in the mix of it, but occasionally on the outside, watching in hopes of holding on to it like a snapshot.

We are family by choice. We could have chosen differently, and sometimes we have. But not now. Now we are a family in the best sense of the world, perfect and imperfect in turn, but together. And that is a gift beyond measure.

(There’s a reason for no photos. I couldn’t pick one over all the others. They’re that good.)

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  1. Melinda Howard #

    Sandie, this is beautiful and as far as choosing family, I choose you every time, Sis. Love you bunches and I’m so glad you had a memorable Christmas.

    December 27, 2010

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