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Paper napkins? I think not!

It’s been a little quiet here this past week, hasn’t it? It’s holiday mischief keeping me occupied. Or maybe my Kindle. But even so, there’s been stitching (if I’m still breathing, there’s probably stitching!)

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out the Elna serger, dusted it off, found the accessories box, dug through a drawer of neglected cone thread and wooly nylon, performed threading magic, and fired her up. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I sewed with my serger.  To say 10 years is embarrassing, but probably true.

If I couldn’t get it to work, there was 16 yards of fabric that would have remained untouched. Last month, when Randi (of Fresh Squeezed Fabrics) put her Christmas fabric on sale, I bought enough to make 36 napkins. 36 double-sided napkins. With less than a week until Christmas, and plenty of other tasks to do, there was no way that I was going to pull this off if it meant cutting, stitching, turning, pressing and topstitching.  But a 3-thread rolled hem? I could do that. With a little serger karma.

It took paging through my workbook to get the right adjustments, and a bit of digging WAY back in time to remember how to turn outside corners on a rolled hem, but it all came together.

Originally I had planned to mix the colors for the sake of holiday festiveness. But when I asked Ashlee, she suggested that if I kept like colors together, I could pull out either set and use them for other events. Practical, she is!

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  1. The napkins are really lovely! Good job!

    December 20, 2010
  2. Alas my Christmas fabric will be napkins for NEXT year. It ain’t gonna happen around here….oh well, what can you do.

    Yours are very lovely. Maybe I’ll try this serging with Katie one day soon. Merry Christmas.

    December 23, 2010
    • Sure, or let me know and I can bring my serger to a sew-in. These really were easy – about 4 hours total to cut and sew 36. I was lucky to get the fabric on sale (around $3.50/yd for beautiful fabric) so that allowed me to splurge on double-sided.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

      December 23, 2010

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