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W(H)IP Wednesday

I’m pouring on the heat this week with 2 3 projects. The first is to quilt and bind the Christmas quilt.  Last year, I drafted the stencils for the the corner and setting triangles, and quilted the first border and row of red triangles. I even quilted a bit of the background before I ran out of time (or enthusiasm) and pulled it all off the frame.

I had planned to do some trapunto around the stars, adding extra rays in the background, but I haven’t used rulers much (required for straight lines) and didn’t feel comfortable stitching them. I’ve decided to omit the trapunto and just finish the silly thing.  I might even try my hand at small feathers again (getting pretty bold, aren’t I?) By next Wednesday I’d like to swap it out for Lakeside Dreams on the wall above my machine and just enjoy it.

The 2nd project for this week is cutting all the pieces for Bailey’s quilt. I have a guild sew-in on Friday night, plus some time this weekend, so it seems reasonable. I will have to fussy-cut some of the rows to get just what I want from the print, but it’s only 6 pieces wide so it should be a quick job.  If I push hard enough, I might even get some of the sewing done, but we’ll see….

Because I remembered I still have the rest of my bee blocks to finish.  I have 4 of 13 completely finished, and these are quick and easy blocks. The deadline is December 15th, but I’d like to have them done and in the mail by the 6th. Wish me luck!

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  1. Linda Gould #

    Love the snowflakes! Very clever!

    December 1, 2010
    • Thanks – they’re silly and cheery. What could be better than FAKE snow?

      December 1, 2010
      • Melinda Howard #

        Duh, real snow??? 🙂
        Oh, I’m so pleased to see that the beautiful stack of material is for Bailey’s quilt!!! I guessed, but did not want to presume. Bailey says, “Thank you Great Aunt Sandie!”

        December 1, 2010
      • Ick – we’ve already had real snow and it wasn’t all that much fun!

        I’m crazy-excited to make Bailey’s quilt – it took forever to find exactly what I wanted, but I have all of it now. Give her a little nuzzle and tell her I’m thinking of her with every stitch.

        December 2, 2010

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