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11.28 Tis the Season ~

Did you do the math yesterday? You know what I’m talking about…’s only 4 weeks until Christmas (insert dramatic music or evil laughter as you prefer).  It’s not even December but there’s not a moment to waste. Decorating inside and out, cleaning and baking, shopping and wrapping (and stressing). Socializing, strategizing and compromising.

In a perfect world (maybe the evil laughter should be here instead), I would have listened to the voice that reminds me every December 26th that there are 11 other months in the year to craft for the holidays. Instead, I have a Christmas quilt that’s been 6 or 7 years in the making. It’s even been on the quilting frame once, only to be pulled off to set the table up for Christmas buffet. I have a tree skirt – well, I have the pieced top of a quilted tree skirt. I have a hand-quilted table runner I made 10(or more) years ago that I put the binding on and used – ignoring the basting threads that kept half of it together, waiting to be finished.  And I have a holiday fabric stash that I’ve managed to triple this year.

So I think before my stash lures me into starting another holiday project, I’ll work on finishing these.  We’ll  see how far I get……

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