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11.27 On to something new….for someone new


After a wonderful family day yesterday, we got a slow start this morning, to say the least.  But a couple hours of deflating, folding, cleaning, and re-assembly and the house is looking a bit better. I still need to put the HQ16 back together – and install the new handles – but that’ll wait until later today (or tomorrow).

So what’s next? Well, the next “big” project is a baby quilt for the prettiest little girl you can imagine. Before you get too excited, though, I’m only posting sneak peeks of fabric and progress until it’s gifted. My quilting friends will recognize the fabrics, and the pattern once I start piecing, but they’re a devious, secretive bunch (as are my non-quilting friends, come to think of it) so there’s no harm in that. This promises to be a quick project, however, so only a little patience will be required.

What else is cooking? Finishing up bee blocks and the binding on the mini Irish Chain, the tutorial for the Kindle cover, and some fun Christmas projects. With the big quilts done (until I start the next one) and the holiday mischief about to ramp up, there should be plenty to share – so if you were “worried” that once NaBloPoMo was over I’d go away quietly, you are sadly mistaken, dear Reader!

Did you notice?

  • The new header for my blog? I happen to know an amazing web designer if you need a little help. Casey Evans is the creative force behind TenTen Design Studio . Her logo and design work is terrific, and she’s a joy to work with. Give her a try!
  • I also added an e-mail subscription button on the sidebar, in addition to the RSS feed – use it if you’re interested in getting an e-mail when I post blog updates.
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  1. You are beautiful Sandie and so is your work!! You look SO relaxed… enjoy that glass of wine. And congrats on your Blog-A-Thon!


    November 27, 2010

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