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11.20 Weekend fun!

The backing fabric for Diana’s quilt (at last check) left Philadelphia bright and early Friday morning (I still have my finger’s crossed for a delivery today, but I’m like that.)  In the mean time,  it has turned into Plan B for the weekend.

Last night I finished quilting the mini Irish Chain quilt and got the binding on it. I made some progress on the blocks for my 3×6 Bee, too. I’m in two hives, so that’s 12 blocks (plus one for me). I decided to use the same block for both groups, just to keep from going completely crazy. I finished one, and have 3 more almost done.

It’s a cute block, and I could see doing an entire quilt out of it. I’d have trouble deciding between a straight or an on-point setting (what else is new?), but I’m picturing the inner pinwheel in scrappy shades of grey, and then the outer tips in scrappy brights. It’s an 8″ block and I added the borders to bring it up to 12″. The added bonus? Every piece starts with a 2 1/2 strip – think jelly rolls!

Today is more sewing, laundry, cleaning, and getting ready for Ashlee to come home for a week. But this got top priority this morning:

Alex brought over some beautiful pecans he shelled and hand-sorted, and we made 2 pecan pies. Fun, easy, sugary goodness! And the Mexican Vanilla was a hit, too. While we were waiting for the pie crusts to pre-bake, he learned how to make microwave scrambled eggs – as fun to watch as they are tasty to eat (thank goodness I had ketchup for him!)  We’re speed-cooling the pies so he can take them home:

That alone would make it a terrific day, but somewhere in the middle of cooking doorbell rang. In these?

Was this:

I’m too excited to be embarrassed. The backing for Diana’s quilt (from Simply Solid Fabric on Etsy), the rest of the fabric for Bailey’s quilt, a bit more Innocent Crush, my first Parisville (from Hawthorne Threads), and adorable Christmas fabrics from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics (still 35% off until Monday). When I calm down a bit I’ll take better photos. Or maybe I’ll just start hacking it into little pieces and sewing it back together.

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  1. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the crispness of the colors and your quilting pattern (if that’s what it’s called) is so intricate and pretty!

    November 21, 2010
  2. Pies, bee blocks and new fabric …… what a fantastic day 🙂

    November 29, 2010
    • I agree – I think it might even have been perfect.

      November 29, 2010

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