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11.18 A little this, a little that

Last night I had errands to run after work, so by the time I got home all I wanted to do was eat leftovers and snuggle with the furry girls. They were reluctant…..okay, not really. They actually bitched until I did sit down and comply.  And when I started nodding off in my chair about 8:15, I left Jon to watch one of his (silly) shows and went to bed.  All this really means is that I didn’t even turn the light on in my sewing room last night.

Tonight was much better. I stitched the binding on Beth’s quilt (with a little help), and since the backing for Diana’s is still en route,  I decided to quilt the Mini Irish Chain.  While this quilt is 1/20th the size of Beth or Diana’s quilts (yes, I did the math), mini quilts have their own challenges.

Assuming it’s more for display than function (although it would make a great doll quilt), the humble meander didn’t seem to do much for it. But a mini quilt is….well, mini.  Filling up a square with a feathered wreath when the square is only 3″ (and you’re not that good at feathered wreaths) is just asking for trouble. I searched Flickr and studied full-size Irish Chain quilts. I saw trapunto and McTavishing and beautiful Orange Peel designs, none of which would translate easily into that petite (pesky) 3″. I sketched out a simple ribbon wreath, but the scale was so small it looked more like scribble.  Hearts? Not so much. Rosebuds? Maybe.

Then I remembered: little feather fronds, the kind I doodle just off the edges of a quilt when I’m adjusting tension or just need to warm up? The ones I wish I could do larger and still look nice? That I can do.

Back for more fun tomorrow!

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  1. Those are all such pretty quilts! I’m really starting to fall in love with batiks lately.

    November 19, 2010
    • Thank you. I think batiks are really fun to work with. They’ve gotten a bad rap lately with some quilters, which is a shame.

      November 19, 2010

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