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11.10 W(H)IP Wednesday

Yes, I spelled it correctly.

I’m a big fan of themes, and I love it when my favorite blogs post Tidbit Tuesday (helpful) or Wordless Wednesday (pretty) or even Sunday Stash (evoking painful pangs of delicious envy). WIP Wednesday isn’t uncommon, but for some reason when I read one several weeks ago, something clicked. The blogger described the purpose of WIP Wednesday as posting a “work in progress” this Wednesday with a goal of having it finished by next Wednesday.

So why did this grab my attention? Probably because I’m still trying to shake my much-lamented stuckiness (spell check just freaked, apparently in case I don’t KNOW when I’ve made up a word!)  But I do better with goals, and this seems manageable to me.

HEY - 4 of these are finished and one I'm working on right now - so have a little faith!

I’ve played “come clean and all will be forgiven” with this stuff before, so if by now you are totally bored, think I’m beyond hope, and are moving on I don’t blame you.  But it WORKED last time! So, if you’re sticking it out to see what the crazy lady is going to do this time, here it is:

W(H)IP Wednesday aka Get Real and Get it Done

First up:  Beth’s quilt, which has spent about 8 weeks “resting” on the quilt frame. Seriously, Sandie? Oh, yeah. But I started quilting it again last night, and I’m really happy with how it’s coming along.  I had some tension problems – the thread, not me – although…..Anyway, they were fairly minor and I think they’ll even out once it’s washed. (Note to quilters using solid backings: match your quilt back color to your top thread color. It will add years to your life. )

So this time next week? Maybe a bit of hand sewing to do on the binding, but other than that it’ll be finished. Or I’ll be forced to re-name this WHIMP Wednesday.

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  1. Need a baby quilt added to your list?

    November 10, 2010
    • You know I always have room for baby quilts 🙂

      November 11, 2010

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