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11.3 Buried Treasure

I’m pretty disciplined about putting things away. I don’t think being obsessively organized is any better than being obsessively messy, I’m just fussy that way.  In some places in our home that means keeping the “stuff” to a minimum. In other places like, for instance, my sewing room, it means “intensive storage systems”. A place for everything, and every place is pretty darn full.

So when a comment from one of my quilting friends sent me on a search for a particular pattern in my “archives” (a binder and two magazine boxes of patterns), I have to admit I was quickly distracted. By my stuff. You know the stuff – the kind that was so important I actually put it away. And promptly forgot I had it. Yeah, that kind of stuff. I know I’ve done it before – cleaning out linen closets or under the bathroom sink and finding….whatever. But this was some really good stuff.

Patterns, acrylic templates, paper-piecing paper (the kind I insisted recently I absolutely refuse to buy for an exorbitant $10 for 25 sheets – which is fortunate because apparently I already had two packages of it), the instructions for a project I want to make, and would have printed again. Patterns for slippers, tote bags, a tea cozy, apron, pajamas, table runners, pillows and lots of quilts. You get the idea.

Some of these I may have bought fabric for, or purchased to make it as a gift (“Mom would love these slippers for Christmas!”)  A few I did make, but very few. A handful I bought on clearance, sorting through bins to find 5 I liked well enough to take home (because we all know that if it’s 5 for $10 you better get all 5). Several were Sewing Expo booty, bought in the frenzy and celebrated just a notch below the spoils from looting. They all ended up in the same place. As stuff.

Stuff happens, right?

But it does make me wonder what other treasures are hiding around here.  And not just in my sewing room, or the rest of the house, but more in a “Why save the good dishes for special occasions?” sort of way. What are the things worth time or money or space or emotional attachment, but not kept out where we can use and enjoy them? And how do you categorize the important things in your life so the fantastic doesn’t get mixed in with the “I have a place to put it so I might as well keep it” ? Maybe you can’t, but it seems worth a try.

By the way – I did find the pattern for my friend. It helps to be organized.

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