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Just in case you were wondering: I’m still recovering from quilt retreat. Not that this one was particularly intense (some of them are downright brutal) – although I do still see purple when I close my eyes. I didn’t pull any all-nighters, either (which is sort of sad).  Plus Nicole had dinner going in the crockpot when I got home, and Tim helped me unload the truck.

So what’s the problem? It’s the studio. I sorted and de-stashed magazines a couple weeks ago so I could move my fabric to a better spot.  Tuesday night I started putting away all my supplies and projects from the retreat, but realized I needed to finish sorting, re-folding and stacking my fabric before I put it all back. Progress, but….

I still need to move some things around in the closet to make room for the magazines I kept…which might mean re-organizing my yarn stash….ack!! And guess where the de-stashed magazines and fabrics are? On or under the quilting table, of course. Double-ack!!

All this for a room that started with a place for everything. Tidy, even.

So maybe it’s not recovering from quilt retreat that’s the problem. Maybe it’s the epic battle between my obsessively organized self and my compulsively creative self. And speaking of my creative self….

Finished at the retreat, as promised. Diana’s quilt. The top, anyway.

And about 70% complete after the weekend: Hexagon quilt. A couple more rows, plus some diamonds inset on the sides will this top finished, too.

Next up: 5 bee blocks for October, and finishing Beth’s quilt.

No wonder “simplify” keeps coming to mind.

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