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Note: No pictures this morning, but stick with me this week as I’ll have plenty to share, I’m sure!

It’s only Monday, but it’s rapidly turning into a wild week.  Besides the usual work craziness, I have 2 appointments, a trip to the post office to stand in line and mail several packages, Cabo reservations to make at 12:01AM on Wednesday, 3 quilted postcards to finish/mail by Thursday, 2 boxes of pears for canning (immediately!), a stop at the grocery for canning supplies, piles of laundry, and a SMQG sew-in on Friday to prep/pack for.  No complaints – not even the dentist (where they will tell me what I already know – that broken tooth will be expensive and painful) because I get to see our beautiful Nicole.

Somewhere in all the mayhem I need to get a bit more of my sewing room put back together. As luck would have it, the shelves I started taking fabric off of and moving books TO needs new shelf clips. Which means a trip to IKEA. Fun for strolling, painful when you’re on a mission.

I finished (except for weaving the ends in) my left Sweet Fern mitt last night. Unfortunately, it’s noticeably smaller than the right. I’m not sure what happened, but there’s several possibilities: (1) The handspun yarn may have gotten thinner (2) I may have gotten more adept at the DPNs or, and this is equally likely, (3) I was so relaxed on Saturday when I was knitting the first one (listening to the Blues bands and putting back  al-co-hol) that my gauge was different.

After a bit of debate, I’ve decided that just in case it’s some combination of the first two, I’m going to knit another right mitt.  I have plenty of yarn, so I can keep this up for a while. Eventually, hopefully, I’ll have a matching pair.

What’s your week looking like?

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  1. Well. I guess we will just run around and be crazy at the same time. Good luck with your projects. Deanna.

    September 30, 2010

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