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When Inspiration Finds Me

I’m never without a stack of quilting projects. Never. Not counting my stash fabrics, I have several project bags (“several” is all I’m going to say), each with all or part of a quilt in it. Sometimes just fabric, sometimes with patterns, often incomplete and waiting for some attention and inspiration.  Given all this, I wasn’t having much trouble keeping my debit card safely tucked away earlier this year, even when I made the monthly trip (Jan/Feb/Mar) to my favorite quilt shop while at quilt retreat.

Then came the March retreat. Just finishing the auction quilt. Needing binding fabric. Needing a bit of fabric to add to a couple other projects. Needing. Nothing. New…..and there they were, in a basket by the register. Bali Pops ~ in Spumoni. Inspiration. I bought one pack (JUST one) and headed back to the retreat. Later than evening, I sketched out a basic block. I slept on the idea, letting it perk while I stitched and trimmed and hemmed the auction quilt. And then went back and bought two more packs.

The basic block decided on, I knew I wanted to add more to the design. I love the batiks, and the simple, contemporary feel of the blocks.  But this one called for applique. BEGGED for applique.  So off I went on another adventure.  A bit more fabric, a fair bit of math, and a couple weekends spent drafting & marking, cutting, sewing and pressing yards of bias tubes, applying 25 yards of 1/4 inch fusible tape. And hours of machine applique.

The results? Spring in Bali (lame working title). It’s really Beth’s quilt. Beth AND Sean.  When I look at the colors and design, I think of all the wonderful vacation photos they’ve shared with us. All the sunny, tropical, beautiful places where it takes your breath away to see them. And the applique? Celtic, of course.  Because (1) Have you ever been in the vicinity of them around March 17th? and (2) Just look at the two of them for goodness sake! Irish? You bet!

Yesterday afternoon the backing fabric arrived (less than 24 hours after I ordered it – go directly to Pink Chalk Fabrics for fantastic service!) and last night I finished the quilting on Bodhi’s quilt so the HQ16 is free. It’ll take me the next couple days to get the backing pieced, and the table re-set to full length, but by this weekend I’ll be quilting.

And with every stitch, I’ll be adding a bit of love for my sweet Bess and her Handsome. It’ll be a lot of stitches.

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