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Sew-up Summer Week One Finishes (and a terrific weekend)

I spent the past weekend in Spokane with Ashlee. It was an amazing 3 days, full of fun and fiber and food and adult beverages. It was perfect, actually.

Beautiful Birdy

Here’s the craft weekend equivalent of partying until you disgrace yourself – yes that is yarn, patterns, fabric spewed all over her livingroom!

Imagine the hangover!

And in case you missed the part above about fun and fiber, here’s just a bit of stash enhancement. My amazing self-control was assisted by a city that goes completely to sleep on Sundays. This was only aggravating when websites and posted hours were unreliable. We didn’t end up at Jo-frickin’-Anns, so I’m going to forgive and move on.

I know - but this is really ALL of it!

Even with all that, here’s the update from last week:

  1. Binding on the SMQG project. Finished!
  2. Quilt and bind Ashlee’s Baby Bali quilt. Finished!
  3. VQB blocks/swaps for August (Moody Blues, {Modern 12}, Pins & Needles, Bee There or Bee Square, Postcard Swap) – Two blocks finished!
  4. Make the last 4 blocks for the July {Modern 12} quilt.
  5. Quilt and bind Zach’s quilt
  6. Quilt and bind Amanda’s quilt
  7. Finish piecing Diana’s quilt
  8. Quilt and bind Beth’s quilt

I also squeezed in a bit of knitting: Kirsten’s sweater is finished, and I backed out about 15 rounds on my Diagonal Lace socks (tedious) and reknit them (encouraging). I might have also cut out a couple patterns to make a pinafore (or two) for a certain little girl (yep, from the stash fabric above.)

Lastly, and totally off-topic I suppose, I came home to a couple much-anticipated packages. Ashlee had a good laugh at me when I confessed about the first one. My Blythe arrived! I won’t say any more about it as I still haven’t taken her out of the box. Although, if she smells anything like a new Barbie when I do, I might cry – any girl will tell you it’s better than new-car smell!

And my Keds arrived. Not just any Keds. These are Pro Keds in Tula Pink Tailfeathers. I’m in love with my shoes. There, I’ve said it. They’re not Jimmy Choo’s, but they make me happy and I can walk in them.

All in all, it was a great week!

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  1. I’m in love with your shoes, too. If we wore the same size yours would be in mortal danger.

    August 16, 2010

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