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No finishes (yet), but lots of progress!

It was a wild week at work, but I managed to make a bit of progress on several projects. I’ll share the finishes early next week, but for now here’s a bit of the mischief. Ashlee’s first quilt went on the frame last weekend. It’s a lovely little baby quilt and it took no time to stitch a simple meander. It’s traveling with me this weekend so I can deliver it in person. The binding is on it, with just the handwork left to do, and I’m looking forward to taking pictures of Ashlee with it.


It’s one of two quilts that got binding over the weekend. You’ll see the 2nd quilt next week, too.


I finished the hexagons for the {Modern 12} Bee August blocks. Liz picked a great design – they feel huge compared to other hexies I’ve done, but they’re so much fun to work with. Still piecing them all together, but I spend a lot of time just looking at them – they’re adorable!

I also started piecing the Bee There or Bee Square block for Carla.  The squares are only 1.5 inches, so chain piecing made things go much easier. No tangled thread disasters, thank you! It’s called the Stashbuster block and the tutorial is from Little Miss Shabby. It’s wildly popular, and it’s easy to see why.

No pictures yet, but I’m almost finished with a sweet cardigan for one of Ashlee’s dolls. Lots of doodles and ideas made it into the notebook this week, too. It’s not just so I remember, either. It’s so I can forget about it for now and stay focused on finishing!

Just one more FYI before I close – I’m so excited to be heading off to visit Ashlee this weekend. As I’ve had the best of plans to post my first “Sew-Up Summer” update on Monday, my flight doesn’t get in until later in the evening. Tuesday it is!

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