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Back up. No, seriously.

So Sunday evening while we were away at the movies, the hard drive in my laptop decided to take a dirt nap. This was only short of tragic because a) nobody died and b) the darn thing only had 7 months of stuff on it. Painful, yes. There certainly were more than a few photos I’m unhappy to lose, more than a bit of e-mail wanted or needed, and my entire iTunes library which makes me feel queasy when I think about re-loading it. 

I can give you the long story of why I had not yet backed-up my stuff, but it doesn’t matter really. I just think that if all I get out of this is the priviledge of being a warning to everybody else, it’ll have to be enough. So go, right now, and back-up at least your photos. Let’s hope you never have to thank me for the reminder!!

P.S. It’s also damned inconvenient timing, so bear with me for another day or two while I get everything loaded and running again. I’ll have plenty to share!

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  1. If I had the money I would not only buy you a hard drive, but also a Mac. I swear by them. I’ll bring you a new playlist CD next time I see you. Whatcha like to listen too?

    July 29, 2010
    • Aw, that’s so kind! I listen to most anything but country. Very big on the British girls right now, although my last Amazon order was all over the place.

      More baby quilt pics tomorrow, btw ~ just finishing the binding.

      July 29, 2010

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