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Siggy Saga

The much anticipated siggy blocks were waiting for me on Monday when I got home from work. They’re really lovely. By the time I went to bed, I had most of the blocks sewed together in strips, had tried and discarded my original design, and had a plan for the 2nd attempt. I say 2nd attempt, but it was really more like the 5th, as I’d adjusted the number of columns/number of blocks a couple times, plus figured out the border puzzle.

Siggy Quilt Design #1

The challenge on Monday was that there was no way to make the corners match up. Not only do the blocks vary in size (easily fixed) they vary in the width of each strip. Obvious when you think about it, and clearly the reason for the “don’t change horses” rule of quilting. Use the same machine, thread, even the same rulers, or else….well, I now know what the “else” is! The easy answer was a separating strip of some kind.  And a good night’s sleep to ponder it.

Siggy Quilt Design #2

Tuesday evening saw me redesigning the layout (EQ7 is terrific!), unsewing, and resewing several times  because apparently counting to 14 is more of a challenge than I realized. I also needed to take apart several blocks that were just too small to fudge. Finished with that, I moved on to the next step ~ separating the blocks with strips of white.  After piecing and cutting the white strips to length, I sewed one on each of the 7 siggy strips.  Pressed and up on the flannel board, the quilt looked….incredibly “blah”. Shockingly “blah”, actually. Seriously.

Trust me - it didn't improve with more strips

A little deep breathing, plus an early bedtime (I had to be at work 2 hours early today) made walking away the easy decision. Tonight I’ll try again. I think print strips instead of white. And I think I’ll cut double strips to repeat the horizontal design. I’ve been playing with an idea for piecing the strips to continue the scrappy feel, but it’ll be a bit fiddly. First there will be unsewing.

A little part of me wishes I’d just stuck with the layout from the adorable original quilt. But I know, sooner or later, this quilt will shine on it’s own. I just have to be patient.

Speaking of patience, this is the normal reaction to Jon coming home. He’s here most days, but coming home from a day in the office is cause for some excitement. Lots of snuggles, followed by posing for photos, howling reminders about dinner time, and a few more snuggles in case adorable gets him moving a little faster.

Pouring on the charm

Update: another try at a design. I think I’m getting closer ~

Siggy Quilt Design #3

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