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Summer finally arrives

In typical Pacific Northwest fashion, summer has arrived on July 6th. A day late even by our low standards. Luckily, we have well-honed skills at not letting a little (okay, a lot) of grey spoil our annual lake trip. Plenty of firewood helped, too. I did notice, however, that I didn’t take nearly as many photos this year, and as the last car pulls away I’m seriously regretting it. So I’ll share a few (and not share a couple more), and you’ll have to trust me that a good time was had by all. Or if you’re family, you can cruise Facebook in hopes that Diana has already posted her pictures!

I first want to share Connor and his quilt with you. He can be a bashful guy, but actually he’s suffering more from the campfire smoke in his eyes than any hesitation about having his photo taken. I’m guessing he loves his quilt, as his comment to his mom was “It’s not just cool, it’s awesome!” High praise from a 10-year-old, I do believe.

Connor and his quilt

 I’m also nearly finished with Clue #5 on my Evenstar Shawl. I’d show a picture of it, but like most lace it’s a mushy puddle right now. I’m in the groove with it, though, so it’ll definitely be travelling with me to Oregon this next weekend. I also got another half dozen pages of hexagons cut up for the trip, so I’ll finally have to commit on some fabric before I leave on Thursday.

Back to this weekend. This was Pearl’s first trip to the lake. Zelda and Dylan are pros, and obviously Pearl learns quickly:

I'm knitting, they're napping

 The body count for most of the past 6 days was 13 people and 7 dogs. Crazy, I know, but endlessly entertaining. Jon continues to improve his outdoor theater for us, there was plenty of strong coffee and adult beverages, and the food was wonderful. Not much swimming or tubing given the weather, which was a real shame as the boat is running great this year. Mike did a terrific job at the BBQ on the Fourth:

Yes, Jeremy IS taller than Tim. How did that happen??

Mom with Mike and Tim

And the growlers in the photo above? Yeah, well….they didn’t last long. When I expressed my surprise, there was nothing but a sea of “innocent” faces. Too funny.

I thought seriously about not sharing this last photo, for no other reason that the fact that I just took it. Everybody is gone now but Jon and I and the pups. It’s so pretty here, and will only be more beautiful tomorrow.

Summer at last

We’ll pack up and head home tomorrow. Reluctantly, but with lots of good memories as always. Thanks, Family!!

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  1. Victoria Heindel #

    Great photos! Looks like a wonderful time… whoop! whoop! 🙂

    July 6, 2010
  2. Linda Gould #

    I had a wonderful time with my kids and grandkids as always. Yes, the weather could have been better but no rain to speak of. Thank you Jon and Sandie.
    Love, Me

    July 6, 2010
    • You’re very welcome. I wish it could have lasted longer!

      July 6, 2010

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