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Vacation Planning

A few of the things I worked on over the weekend.

Tuesday already! After peaceful,  mostly productive weekend in the studio, Monday flew by.  Work was work, but Monday evening Jon and I ran a few errands. The big deal was a run to Verizon to get a mifi (mobile wireless access).

I love this man. He’s so good to me. Animals and children love him. So do insane people (our relatives are proof of that.)  But a year of comments and  grumbling on my part had little effect (to be fair, we’ve been married almost 31 years – if he’s not numb to comments and grumbling by now….) But get him a laptop, too, and suddenly we DO need something better than dial-up for the lake trips. Of course, it helps that he had the sense to check both laptops and realize we had no phone ports (just data), but still!

So we sat in the office last night (kinda funny since we were working on 2 laptops and could have been anywhere) and gumped our way through the set-ups. All is well. And all of this was the long way of saying that all the packing and planning for our annual lake trip has been put off until…NOW!

I’m not talking food, booze, sundries. I can do that in my sleep. Especially this year when it’s a small group (13 is easy). I’m talking 12 days without a sewing machine.  I’m talking quilt bindings and hexies and knitting.  I’m talking a kit so I can teach a lefty to knit, patterns so I can visit the local indie yarn dyer, swatches so I can visit the local quilt shop and add to the stash for my quilt bee project.  I’m talking a lake trip immediately followed by a road trip with crazy women.

Lady Eleanor to knit while "relaxing" (drinking)

I will have my laptop, and thanks to the above mentioned gadget, I’ll still have access to the essentials of artisan life in the modern age (Ravelry, Flickr, blogs galore.)  Maybe I’ll even get to spend a bit of time with the EQ7 tutorials and build examples for the August Moody Blues Bee (see my confession further down.)

I do have a bit of an update on this past weekend:  The binding is on Connor’s quilt so it’s ready for a couple evenings of hand stitching.  The Wonky Stars baby quilt (Seattle Modern Quilt Guild project) is assembled and on the frame. I’m quilting it with a dragonfly pantograph – so much fun!

Assembling the Wonky Stars quilt

I’m excited/chagrined to share that I  joined 3 virtual quilt bees this weekend.  The first is the {Modern 12} Bee.  12 quilters, 12 months, one block a month. Sewn from our own stash, but with a requested pattern and 3 color preferences. I came in a bit late on the sign-up, so bravely took July. I say bravely because it’s my first bee and I’m learning the ropes by doing.  I picked a string quilt block in orange/aqua/green.  It wasn’t until I looked at my first block that I realized this quilt already has a home. In Spokane. It’s exactly the colors of Ashlee’s apartment. Not sure if it’ll be a couch throw or a wall quilt, but it’ll be perfect. And if you click on the bee link above, or on the right sidebar, you’ll see the first block made by another bee member, Strawberrylicious.  It’s crazy cute.

The second bee is the Pins & Needles Bee. 6 quilters, 12 months, 2 blocks each month. From our own stash, or we can send out fabric.  Milky Robot is up first. She picked pink/red/white wonky houses. Challenging, but so much fun. I have one finished, and I’m brainstorming the 2nd.  November and June are my months, so I have a bit of time to decide (thank goodness!)

The last one I joined is the Moody Blues Bee. Again 12 quilters, 12 months, this time with a blue theme, and we send out the fabric.  It starts in August, and again I agreed to go first. Crazy, I know, but I had this beautiful stack of blue fabrics still on my sewing table.  After a couple of days of furious Flickr/blog searches,  I have decided on my blocks, and I’ve pulled 90% of the fabrics I want to use, and I have a draft of the instructions.  I wanted the big decisions made before I went on vacation, as I’ll be cutting/kitting the packages when I get back to have them mailed before the end of July.

A huge thank you to Milky Robot for organizing both the {Modern 12} and Pins & Needles bees, and to Sabrina for the Moody Blues Bee.  It’s a big commitment, and having great Queen Bee (admin) makes all the difference!

Hope you’re all packed and ready to head out on vacation with me!

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  1. Jon #

    You are welcome, Love ya! Oh by the way there is this really cool engine analyzer application thqat helps tune the bugs out of any……. Just sayin!

    June 29, 2010
  2. Can’t wait to see the stars quilt! I won’t be at the next meeting so if it makes its way take some pictures for me!

    July 5, 2010
    • No worries – I’ll take lots of pictures!

      July 6, 2010
  3. Sorry you missed the meeting. Any pics of the quilt?!? Also, I want the verizon thing! So sick of Clearwire. Need your phone number to talk how you likie.

    July 21, 2010

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