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Quilting the weekend away ~

With Jon away this weekend celebrating his birthday and Father’s Day with Ashlee, I’m forced to spend an entire weekend home alone with 3 dogs and 2 sewing machines. I’m getting by. Last night, I finished trimming the last of 400 blocks for Diana’s quilt, worked on some major updates to the blog, loaded Electric Quilt 7 (waiting for me on the porch when I got home) and used it to work out the first layout of Diana’s quilt.

Today, with Connor’s quilt off the frame and trimmed, it’s been laundry, a bit more work on the blog, and a couple hours coloring and trying different layouts for the Diana’s quilt. I like them all, but in the end it was easy to choose.

With the design in hand, I wanted to try laying out 1/4th of the quilt blocks.


You learn a lot looking at photos, or using a reducer when laying out blocks. Some of the blocks are very low contrast between dark and light. I love them in the quilt, but looking at the photos I can see I need to avoid placing them at the dark points. You’ll have to trust me that it’s less obvious in person.

Time to take a little break and then decide which quilt I’m piecing tonight. Decisions, decisions!

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