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Quilt #3

Note: The numbers (Quilt #3) are not in any real order. I couldn’t decide which of the 3 finished quilt tops to work on (see my previous post on “The Project“), so a friend of mine picked #3, sight unseen. In my orderly world (insert snicker) this would normally bother me. But I’m going with it!

As promised, a few in-progress pictures of Quilt #3. It’s for one of my nephews. He’s a smart, sweet 10 year old and he’s my favorite. Okay, they’re ALL my favorites.

One of the challenges with this entire project has been quilting for boys….FIVE boys! Now I can quilt loops, feathers, leaves and flowers all day. Not happening here. So this one I noodled on a bit, and once I figured it out (as usual), it was one of those “duh” moments. I love this quilt, and it’s not giving me a bit of trouble (testing Fate here, folks, but it’s just cookin’ along). I’m about half done, so you’ll see this guy again.

Borders: Meander and circles. Not all that original, but I really like this fabric so I wanted to play off of it. Plus the print was so strong that it made more sense to go for texture rather than a design.

Border quilting

Blocks: Yep, circles. I’ve done this pattern before on Nicole’s quilt. It can be a bit fiddly (lots of stops and starts) but once I figured out a way to do it with jumps it goes quickly. Confession time here: I’m not freehanding these circles. I have a pattern board with concentric circles, and a stylus on the side of my HQ16. Works like magic!

Block quilting

Sashing: This is where I struggled a bit. But then I decided that since I really liked the thread I was using (Valdani “Americana”) I could just keep it simple. The antique red, blue and cream in this thread shows up on the dark sashing, and I thought the squiggles were fun and gave it a bit more movement.


 I never get used to that little bit of magic that happens when the pieced fabric becomes a quilt. For all the time that I spend shopping, designing and sewing, it really isn’t a quilt until now. Nothing fancy here, but I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together.

Row detail

 It’ll take me another evening or two to finish the quilting. Since my favorite part of every quilt is handsewing the binding, it won’t be in “The Unquilted” group much longer.

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