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“The Project”

I’ve had a super-secret project the past couple years (3 or 4 is a couple, right?), and while I’m pretty darn good at keeping secrets this hasn’t turned out to be the best idea.  A couple things have tripped me up. This is a big project (6 quilts big!), and keeping it hidden kind of gets in the way of getting it done. Plus there’s been very little pressure since almost nobody knows anything about it. Until now. Until I admitted to it on Plurk. And one of my wonderful new friends suggested that these better be large quilts because she surmised they must be intended as wedding gifts.  Witty, but not all that funny when you consider that the intended recipients are today 9 to 15 years old. Don’t even do the math from when I started this!

So here’s where I am today:

Quilt #1

#1 – Quilt top finished, have the backing. Needs quilting, binding & label to finish.

Quilt #2

#2 – Quilt top finished, need to buy a back. Needs quilting, binding & label to finish.

#3 – Quilt top finished, have the backing, have the quilt loaded on the machine. Needs quilting, binding & label to finish.

Quilt #3

#4 – Quilt top in work. Need to create and add applique shapes (large silhouettes), have the backing.

#5 – Have the fabric (including the backing), although I need to take another look at it and make sure it’s what I want. No design yet.

#6 – Just a concept of a design, plus a focus color. No fabric yet.

Since I have several other projects in work right now, too, I’ve decided the best approach is to alternate these quilts with my other projects. The first three should go very quickly, and I should be working on #4 by the end of July.

I do have one more really important decision to make.  Since I’m confident I’ll have the first 3 done by the middle of the summer, and at least 2 more by the end of the summer, do I wait and gift them all at Christmas? Or do I start handing them out as they are finished, thereby increasing the pressure to finish them all? Not to mention saving me from trying to find room for up to 6 finished quilts over the next 6 months. Any opinions?

If you get a chance to check back, I’ll be posting detail pictures of #3 in progress the next couple days. Still noodling a bit on how I want to quilt it.

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  1. Libby #

    Love this project. You are so generous to do this for all of them. I know it’s really big but I also know that they will be so very grateful. You give them when you want. They don’t know you’re doing them. lol!

    June 8, 2010

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