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Purple (at last) ~

So, here’s the thing:  some projects take longer than others.  And the waiting can happen at any stage.  Maybe it’s the design, or the color, or the size.  This quilt? It was never about the primary color (emphasis on primary), a bit about the size (thank goodness I snooped), but mostly about the design.

Color? Purple. Not little princess purple. Royal, powerful, deep, lovely purple. Amethyst, perhaps, with lavender and plum.  Just because. And no girly prints, either. Batiks? For sure! Soothing, tropical island-inspired fabrics. Lush and warm, with blues and green. Sky and water, sand and sun-dappled shade.

The size?  I was sure it needed to be king – so I wandered upstairs one day and checked.  Queen.  Never assume on that count.

And the design, oh the design.  You have to understand. I’ve been collecting purple for years. Literally. Long before most of the other quilts I’ve finished, there was a purple stack. I can’t begin to tell you how many designs this quilt could have been.  I was a much different quilter at the beginning of this project.  I did throw quilts, because that was the size I could manage. Then came the power tools, and the bed quilts.  And today, a much different sense of design. So finally it settled. A value quilt, in purples, teal blues & greens, a bit of sand and sunshine. What is a value quilt? Katie (of SewKatieDid) has a great tutorial on her blog, and there are some amazing examples in the Value Quilts Flickr Pool.

Yesterday, the rest of the fabrics came in the mail.  And tonight the cutting and sewing and pressing will begin. I’m so excited to finally start this quilt. It’s not just that I love beginnings (although I do – I have a WIP quilt garden to prove it), it’s that I adore the woman it’s for.   Completely.  She is ours. And for ours, I quilt.

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  1. I couldn’t have put that into words, but I think all quilters have those words in our hearts. We love to quilt, and we quilt for those we love.

    April 30, 2010
  2. Diana #

    I LOVE You!! Your note was perfect and very well written. 🙂

    May 2, 2010

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