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10K Hours

A few weeks ago,  a question was posed on Facebook by Miss Violet (of Lime & Violet fame).  It went something like “If you were going to spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert in something, what would it be?” The premise, that it takes 10K hours to become world class at anything. Anything.

Side note: her first question was “What are you an expert in?”.  My immediate response: Guilt. Wouldn’t take it back if I could.

The 2nd question stuck with me. Stuck with me through the March retreat, finishing the Sweet Dreams quilt, finding inspiration and starting another. Whispered in my ear as I worked through updating my blog, networked with other quilters/knitters/creators of things useful and beautiful, documented a project for my first tutorial. Guided my hand when I committed to a more focused approach to this desire to create, document, teach, and connect with other fiber artisans.

Most recently, on her blog junebug on a string, Miss V formalized her intentions, and extended an invitation to come along on the adventure. Weeks of pondering the original question had left me with, if not a clear picture, a good sense of what I wanted.  I couldn’t say no.

I don’t know what “world class” is as an artisan, and I’m glad I don’t.  That’s not my goal, and I’d leave that for others to judge.  My goal is the 10K hours of doing what I love.  Starting now.

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