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Sleepy Owl Studio

Well, my part of it anyway. After a quick clean-up this morning, I thought I’d grab and post of few pictures of my sewing room. Short of being 3x bigger, there isn’t much I’d change about it. How’s that for lucky?

I’m not a bit embarrassed about the blatant use of IKEA furniture and storage. It’s magical how they always seem to have exactly what I need, even when it never occurred to me that I needed it!  And in case you’re wondering about the wall color – it’s actually brighter than it photographed here. Yep, BRIGHTER! I call it Tequila Sunrise – you know, that lovely thing that happens at the bottom of the glass when the OJ and Grenadine mix? It’s not that I’m all that fearless about color, but any less would have gotten lost behind all the white furniture.

And I can honestly say I’ve never walked into this room and NOT felt my spirits rise.

I could tell you about all the clever ways I have organized this room, but it’s not that important. I will say there aren’t many drawers or shelves that I’d be nervous about opening, which comes in pretty handy when the muse finally takes me away. I can actually find what I need! I wouldn’t brag if that had always been the case, believe me.  It’s somewhat shocking just how much I’ve fit in to this small space, but well worth the effort! 

What I can’t really show you (in part to the challenge of taking photos through triple-pane windows), is the view from my sewing chair. A west-facing window, with a view of Puget Sound and the Olympics. Best view in the whole house.

Not bad for a 10’x11′ bedroom, I think. If you want to see a bit more of my space, there are pictures on my Flickr page.  For now, I’ve got some sewing to do while the sun is shining in my window ~

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  1. KT #

    Love seeing pictures of your sewing room–such a bright, happy place. Thanks for sharing!

    May 18, 2010

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