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Time to face the music….

So here it is, 5 days until the end of August. Jon’s been working on a terrific shed for the past few weeks, and now that Ashlee’s back at school we can tackle the office project. So all we need to do now, as in NOW, before the 1st of September, is empty the storage unit. How hard could this be, you may ask (or not)?
So here’s the thing: a storage unit is complex, or at least the contents are. I’m pretty good (better than good, actually), at getting rid of stuff. And, generally, I live by the “If you don’t have room for it, you don’t need it” rule. But sometimes, there just aren’t enough corners of a home to hide the stuff you only need occasionally, the stuff you aren’t ready to decide on, and the stuff you can’t part with under any circumstances. I’m not saying there isn’t a big old trip donation station trip hiding in there (there is, we checked), but that still leaves a lot of decisions to be made, new homes to be found, and every darn thing in there to load, move and unload (some of it more than once).
And because I’m me, there’s always some emotion involved. For things (I hope) I’m finally ready to let go of, and things I’m welcoming into our house because I truly want them. Just things, I suppose, but I’ll grieve a little, and celebrate a little, and my home will be richer for both.
In the end, it will be worth the effort. I don’t want to keep paying the bill every month. I like knowing the things I need occasionally won’t be so hard to get to (folding chairs and canning jars and suitcases and ?). I’ll even get to cross a big task off the endless to-do list, and have one less thing to worry about. Nice.
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