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20-Eleven Handmade Months

Welcome to the 20-Eleven Handmade Months project. A different theme each month with sewn, quilted, knit and crafted gifts for the amazing people in my life. Eleven months, with December wide-open to enjoy the festivities, tag the gifts, and mix a few holiday cocktails. And, if I’m really lucky, a few extra gifts for all those times during the year that I want a little something extra to give – and no time to make it!

January –  Babies, Moms and Grans

February – The Coffee Addict

  • French press cozy
  • Mug rugs: Terrific post with examples and explanation – mug rugs do NOT require a pattern, just a little inspiration!
  • Coffee sleeves: Seriously? Save the sleeve off your next cup and you have a pattern!
  • Wall quilt 

March – The Traveler

April – Kitchen Mischief

May –  The Container Gardener

  • Bucket organizer: This fits a 5-gallon bucket, which seems pretty big.  I’d like to size it down for 2-gallon pail.
  • Potting mat

June – Work Life

  • Lunch bag
  • Mug rug
  • File drawer organizer

July – Summer Fun

  • Beach tote
  • Sun hat: I know there are free patterns available, but I like that this has different sizes, especially for my family!
  • Waterproof bags

August – The Crafty Types

September – The Bartender

  • Bar towels
  • Coasters

October – The Hostess

November – Kid Stuff

December – Holiday Fun


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  1. I love the idea of theming each month of the year to give some focus and variety to your creations – very cool

    June 6, 2011

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