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For months I’ve written a new post every week or two, which I promptly delete.

Life is a bit of a muddle right now. Chaotic. Full of goodness and challenges, with brief bursts of time spent creating. Enough to write about. Occasionally.


And yet I delete, for many reasons.

I’ve been stuck the past year or so. Not feeling creative and not having much success when I did try to get something going.


Home projects, work deadlines, health issues, a sweet new grandson to squeeze my heart along with his big sister, and my guy’s surgery & recovery all contributed to less time in the studio, but they certainly didn’t cause the malaise. In fact, they just made it a bit easier to avoid. And sharing it here felt self-indulgent, not to mention pretty damned boring. Easier to hide out and wait for the storm to pass.


Going back into the studio after so long has taken significant emotional bootstrapping, not to mention sorting and purging and organizing after months of dump-and-run(away). A couple classes, time with dear (and insanely talented) friends, and a self-imposed break from quilting social media (guaranteed to kill off an already fragile spirit) have all helped.


At last another spring to inspire renewal and growth. To heal, recharge, reinvent.


In the past couple weeks, life has presented me with a chance for a big, scary, wonderful change later this year. At just the moment when I have the courage to grab on to it.

I won’t hit ‘delete’ this time. I kinda want to know what happens next.


Psst….I’m still here


And back to the day job after a lovely holiday break. Two whole weeks that flew by, as they always do, and just like that it’s a shiny new year full of possibilities.


Unfortunately, they are currently buried under the rubble of last year’s possibilities and I’m only now starting the recovery effort. But that’s a story for a different day.


What’s important is this:

I’m sewing again. Baby steps, but sewing. Little projects, not-so-little projects and things between.

  • Bolster pillows for the daybed (using SewKatieDid’s invisible zipper tutorial, of course). 24311492926_c818632d2f_o
  • A stocking (finished in time for our grandson’s first Christmas – no, really!)
  • Pennant garlands for both grandbabies’ rooms 24229454282_cbaf486199_o
  • Slipcovers for the miss-matched cube ottomans23710846443_03d774c91b_o
  • Even a few crazy-pieced blocks

And because a major archeological dig of my studio isn’t enough of a challenge, I added more:

What madness have you committed to this year?






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